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The floor socket outlet for indoor and outdoor use, for 15 & 20 amps single phase sockets
and data sockets, for installation in soil, concrete/screed or raised floor,
with all characteristics for demanding objects. All the lids shown here fit to the same SUPER68 housing.

Floor socket SUPER68, inside view SUPER68 enclosures are located under the flooring, available with or without bezel. Lids are available in many versions, the lid diameter is only 4.41" (112 mm), the housing height only 2.68" (68 mm). Shown here are european Schuko-sockets.

Housing with 2 sockets # 0212,
with 4 sockets # 0214.
SUPER68 # 0204, 4 straight blade rec.     These floor sockets give also UL-listed North American receptacles a versatile housing without tripping hazard. The housing can be tiled.

With 2 single pole sockets 15  or 20 amps # 0212 (housing without lid)

With 4 single pole sockets 15 or 20
amps # 0214 (housing without lid)
Stainlass steel floor socket watertight With this stainless steel lid measuring only 4.4" (112 mm) in diameter, the SUPER68 floor outlet is elegant yet extremely durable. With a height of only 2.7" (68 mm), it can also be used in thin screed layers and combined with screed channels.

Housing with bezel with 2 single pole sockets or RJ45 Cat. 6 # 0212
Housing with bezel with 4 single pole sockets or RJ45 Cat. 6  # 0214
Stainless steel lid, flood-proof IP68, # 0000
Floor socket with tailed cover The design for tiling both the housing and the lid is visually even more inconspicuous.

We'll make the height of the cover seat to match the thickness of the floor covering of your project. 

Housing without bezel # 0202 (2 slots)
Housing without bezel # 0204 (4 slots)
Tileable watertight lid #  0002
Fillable lid  
Fine screed flooring is part of modern architecture. For this purpose there are waterproof SUPER68 lids, which can also be filled with screed. The same applies to liquid plastic floors.

Lid IP68 pourable # 0005
Floor socket with cover with cable outlet  
This is the advantage of the replaceable lid: when using the base socket, the waterproof lid can simply be exchanged for a lid with cable outlet. The stainless steel lid shown here for public areas can be fixed with the central screw, so it is safe from loss and vandalism.

Fixable lid with lateral outlet # 0003
Lid with cable groove with flap  
With this cover, the cable outlet can be closed with an internally hinged flap IP44. It can be opened inwards to avoid a high standing ugly trip hazard. A small suction cup is required for removal, which protects the lid from unauthorised removal. Alternatively with screwdriver groove.

Lid with cable groove with flap # 0004
Floor receptacle with brass cover   
For floors made of white marble or warm-toned woods, brass fittings can create a high-quality ambience. SUPER68 also offers this option as a satin-finished, directionally neutral ground, or polished brass or copper lid. In combination with its absolute watertightness, it is therefore also the ideal floor socket in yacht construction.

Floor socket SUPER68 with carpet edging  

For parquet and carpet edging, these grommets can simply be inserted into the SUPER68. The diameter of the carpet edging is 138 mm. Delivery includes a closed lid and a lid with cable outlet.

Set as accessory # 0006
SUPER68 lid for tiling, IP44, # 0001 The most inconspicuous floor sockets imaginable are combinations of housing and cover without edgings and clamping screw. However, the absence of the clamping screw also means that they are not flood-proof.

Housing without bezel
# 0202 or # 0204 (for 2 or 4 rec.).
Lid IP44, loose, for tiling, # 0001
Floor socket outlet & data connectot   Optionally, UL-listed data sockets RJ45 cat.6, or XLR sockets can be inserted instead of any power socket. Or Neutrik-D elements or only Neutrik hole patterns.

The photo also shows the option Drain with plastic pipe. For cases where water could run into the floor socket when closed with a lid with a cable groove.

Housing with bezel # 0212 or 0214,
here with 1 RJ45 Cat. 6.
Lid loose with cable outlet # 0007.
Cable dome against surface water  

This cable dome can be inserted into the SUPER68 without tools, so that no surface water can run into the floor socket. A useful accessory in wet areas. Height above ground approx. 2" (50 mm).

Cable dome # 0009
Floor receptacle with dome and lid  
All covers presented here are also available for our cable domes and grommets.

The high utility value of the SUPER68 lies not least in its comprehensive range of accessories.

The cover designations are identical, with the addition "dome version".
Rain roof for cable dome  
For outdoor use in rain and snow, this rain canopy can be attached to the cable dome without tools and offers safe protection.

The rain canopy is also available at the same price as the truck-mounted version for use on truck-bearing surfaces.

Rain canopy # 0010
Flood-proof floor socket SUPER68   When closed, the SUPER68 floor socket outlet is watertight IP68, i.e. truly underwatertight, and is therefore ideally suited for wet cleaning machines as well as for all outdoor areas. Other makes with the indication "waterproof IP67" only have to be splash-proof, standing water can run in there.

Lid watertight IP68 # 0000
Waterproof Floor socket with watertight cable outlet   For longer use in outdoor areas or other wet areas, e.g. in industry, lids with up to 4 IP68 watertight cable bushings are available as accessories, for example for illuminating Christmas trees or in swimming pool areas.

The plugs do not have to be removed to feed through the lid.

Lid with watertight cable outlet # 0008
Carproof & truckproof ground sockets SUPER68   The terminal compartment is made of insulating PVC, the supporting top side of 8 mm solid stainless steel. The StarConnex SUPER68 is also car- and SUV-proof without to be embedded in concrete.

Or choose the option truck-proof. It carries 10 to. wheel load.

Floor socket with screw lid IP68  
Where opening by unauthorised persons does not have to be prevented, this tool-free screw cap is the choice.

High water tightness and SUV load-bearing capacity are also a matter of course here.

Screw lid with grip grooves # 0011
Floor socket SUPER68 with adaptable elctrant  

Removable electrants give your areas additional flexibility. They can easily be mounted on the SUPER68-S and removed just as quickly. Power is supplied via the sockets in the floor socket.

These energy columns can be variably equipped using modular
With these unsurpassed features and quality characteristics, the StarConnex SUPER68 is a reference class of floor outlets for open-plan offices, high-quality lounges, museums and prestigious rooms, for highly frequented machine-maintained areas in airports, railway stations, public authorities and shopping centres, for hygienically demanding environments in hospitals, hotels, the pharmaceutical and food industries, as well as for robust applications in public and private outdoor areas. The price meets the requirements of larger construction projects.

The delivery is pre-assembled ready for connection and thus saves assembly time compared to products delivered in individual parts. The equipment is included on modules that can be replaced at any time and instead of the IPON screw connections, empty conduit screw connections can be selected for screed inlet, which simplifies planning very much.

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